Mexican Terracotta Brushed Low Bowl

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Mexican Terracotta Brushed Low Bowl - Deep Brushed Planter | Made in Mexico | Real Clay Terracotta Pottery
Mexican Terracotta Brushed Low Bowl
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Imported from Mexico, this garden bowl has many unique features. Manufactured using light sun-baked terracotta clay the outside of this bowl has a swept or brushed finish. This makes the outside textured and rough to the feel that adds a rustic look. These terracotta containers are deep enough to hold a bunch of colorful bulbs or flowers, dark green houseplants, or interesting succulents. This brushed low bowl garden planter is the perfect shape to use indoors or outdoors on a dining table, end table, or coffee table.

With lots of sizes to choose from you can create a wonderful display. Nothing is better for your plant's health than terra cotta clay. A clay garden pot is meant to breathe so the plant and its root system stay healthier because of good airflow and circulation.  Lots of good sizes to mix and match to make the perfect home or garden display.

- Imported from Mexico
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
08 $18.00 8.00" 3.50"
10 $25.00 10.00" 4.50"
$39.00 12.50" 5.50"
15 $65.00 15.50" 7.00"
18 $96.00 18.00" 8.00"
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Size Saucer
8 N/A
10 12
12 14
15 16
18 18
 82 Mexican Clay Round Saucer.