Mexican Terracotta Spanish Pot

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Mexican Terracotta Spanish Pot - Flared Garden Planter | Real Terracotta Clay Pottery | Made in Mexico
Mexican Terracotta Spanish Pot
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We call this garden planter our Spanish Pot. The wide flared opening at the top of this garden container opening gives it a uniqueness that you don't see much anymore in home and garden pottery. The top slopes into a tapered base that is wide enough to give it plenty of stability when filled. The basic shape is a standard flowerpot but that nice flared lip is really this garden pots outstanding feature.

Manufactured using a light terracotta clay this flowerpot has smooth sides and a deep body. This depth is perfect for most plant materials especially ones that have a deep root system. Fill with flowers, cactus, interesting succulents, trailing ivy, and houseplants and create a wonderful display.

Use indoors or outdoors, in a garden or on a patio. Lots of sizes to choose from. When a plain terracotta flower pot won't do then look any further than our clay Spanish pot!

- Imported from Mexico
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain Hole

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 82 Mexican Clay Round Saucer.