Italian Terracotta Standard Pot

Terracotta and Grey Clay Pottery
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Italian Terracotta Standard Pot - Standard Italian Terracotta Flower & Clay Pots: Arizona Pottery, flowerpot style
Perfect for Craft Projects
Italian Terracotta Standard Pot
Product ID# TD102

Choose our standard-size or medium size Italian Terracotta garden container for houseplants, patio gardens, and DIY craft projects

Hands down our best-selling clay flowerpot. We call this terra cotta pot a standard because it's a basic shape that is still in high demand. And, with the range of sizes available this clay planter serves many needs.

The small sizes of this terracotta garden planter are perfect for weddings & shower favors. The medium garden container is ideal for all kinds of craft projects, nursery plants, and flowers. The larger size makes wonderful gift baskets. The x large clay flowerpots sizes will hold all kinds of plant materials from small evergreens to larger potted trees. The cm46 terracotta standard pottery is the largest that our Italian supplier Deroma Italia will fire in its gas-fired kiln and then ship to the United States because of its size! If you want a larger planter in the terracotta color you need to shop in our Poly Resin, Phoenix Concrete, or Sandstone Sections.

This is our workhorse of garden pottery. We sell more of these than any other garden containers and home planters. When compared to other imports from China or Taiwan these high-quality Italian standard flower pots are hard to beat. FYI is also available in any quantity, from 1 to 5,000 pieces or more.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain hole

Size Price Width Height
cm7 $5.00 2.50" 2.50"
cm9 $5.50 3.50" 3.00"
cm11 $6.00 4.50" 4.00"
cm15 $7.50 6.00" 5.50"
cm23 $17.00 9.00" 8.00"
cm27 $26.00 11.00" 9.50"
$34.00 12.50" 11.00"
cm37 $66.00 14.50" 13.00"
cm43 $86.00 17.00" 14.50"
cm46 $108.00 18.50" 15.00"
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Size Saucer
cm7 cm7
cm9 cm9
cm11 cm11
cm15 cm15
cm23 cm23
cm27 cm27
cm31 cm31
cm37 cm36
cm43 cm41
cm46 cm46