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Natural, Beautiful and Timeless all describe clay garden pottery. With clay pots from China, Italy, and Vietnam we have styles and colors for everyone. Traditional Italian terracotta pots, Vietnamese high fired black clay pottery, moka, white terracotta and graphite grey planters all imported and available for home and commercial use. Our clay pottery offers durability that you can count on.
Bright bold colors, high shine, rustic and matte finishes, all are represented here in our glazed and painted pottery section. We import our planters from around the world, Mexico, China and Vietnam just to name a few. From small flowerpots to large garden vases and urns this section has them. When clay colors won't do and you want high fired glazed planters and pots, we can help.
Talavera is an instantly recognizable pattern that can vary wildly without deviating from what we all know and love. Imported from Mexico where it is hand painted in the traditional floral patterns, these pots have bright bold colors with a high shine finish and come in many shapes and styles. Lightweight, but durable, these planters are perfect for homeowners, landscape professionals or decorators alike.

Ranging from small to immense, our concrete and sandstone planters are all American made by multiple different manufactures that bring their own style and original designs for your garden project. Classic round, to contemporary squares and columns, to planters that look like a human head, and even exclusive Frank Lloyd Wright containers that will add class and style to any home.

Want strength, style, and large sizes, but don't want to deal with the weight and limited colors of concrete? Look no further. Commercial grade poly resin is lightweight and comes in many designs with a selection of forty eight different colors that is sure to fit your need. These durable planters can be left out year round with no adverse wear, making hem not only stylish but also convenient.

Playful, unique, and functional, these planters are molded into whimsical animal shapes that can add another level of charm to any garden. Some are made of real terracotta clay while others are hand painted in a classic talavera Mexican style. A bunny filled with colorful greens, to a quail that will happily hold sturdy succulents, there is bound to be an animal that calls out to your needs.