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 2664 Frank Lloyd Wright.2.5
Certainly the most famous, and perhaps the most prolific of America's architects, Frank Lloyd Wright designed over eight hundred structures during the course of his professional years. Plants looked lovelier, he claimed, when presented in the context of the clean geometric shapes of a building and its extensions. Each piece is assigned a numbered Frank Lloyd Wright signature plaque to distinguish its place in the Frank Lloyd Wright Stoneware collection.
These reconstituted stone containers are hand cast using a dry mix technique that incorporates sedimentary rock and sand bound by concrete. Having classy clean colors, a smooth, velvety finish and texture, as well as being reinforced by galvanized aircraft cabling inside the rims, these planters are truly a piece of art as well as a functioning piece of garden pottery. Used in Europe for centuries, sandstone has proven to be durable.
Made in Arizona and produced using a secret high grade concrete mix that is not only durable but lovely, these planters are bound to be eye catching. Available in multiple colors that are mixed into the actual clay and NOT stains, these planters come in a variety of different shapes from classic to contemporary. From as small as twenty inches to huge sixty three inches wide for Commercial or Retail these containers fit all landscape and garden needs.

Want strength, style, and large sizes, but don't want to deal with the weight and limited colors of concrete? Look no further. Commercial grade poly resin is lightweight and comes in many designs with a selection of forty eight different colors that is sure to fit your need. These durable planters can be left out year round with no adverse wear, making them not only stylish but also convenient.

This line of high-quality cast-stone concrete garden planters is American Made. With original designs crafted by artisans, you will find just what you are looking for here. With a choice of 4 colors, you will find the exact piece to add to your home and garden collection and be able to match all your yard and patio decor. Place around your patio or front porch, each piece of cast stone pottery will add that special touch.
Talavera is an instantly recognizable pattern that can vary wildly without deviating from what we all know and love. Imported from Mexico where it is hand painted in the traditional floral patterns, these pots have bright bold colors with a high shine finish and come in many shapes and styles. Lightweight, but durable, these planters are perfect for homeowners, landscape professionals or decorators alike.

Our bright glazed garden planters are like no others. All styles are available in bold high shine glaze from vibrant red and yellows, to neutral honey and timeless white to compliment all styles of plants. These flowerpot designs come in multiple shapes, from bell planters for larger floral or plant displays, to short squares that are perfect for succulents or cacti. Manufactured in Mexico by an American company these pots are the perfect solution.

Despite modern advancements, Terracotta pottery still makes for some of the best garden planters a person can use. This is in part because clay pottery can breathe, allowing air to circulate to the roots of your cherished plants during the summer, as well as helping to protect from over watering. As the clay ages, its surface can grow porous and worn, creating a perfect environment for mosses to cling to and further create a rustic and aged appearance to your garden and garden pottery.