Italian Terracotta Tall Standard Pot

Terracotta - Moka - Grey Clay Pottery
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Italian Terracotta Tall Standard Pot - Made in Italy | Real Terracotta Garden Pottery | Tall Flowerpot | Clay
Narrow and taller than a standard pot.
Italian Terracotta Tall Standard Pot
Product ID# TD103
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Just like a standard terra cotta flowerpot, this Italian garden planter stands tall. The height of this pot makes it perfect for any plant material that has a long root system. When a short clay flowerpot won't work without becoming root bound much quicker, it's time to get a taller planter. This type of tall terracotta pot adds to the health of your plants with less crowding of the roots. At almost 12" tall this clay pot is considered oversized. When you want a planter made of a natural material that breathes and has plenty of room for growing plants, then our terracotta tall pot is a perfect choice. Made of Italian clay using a process that is known in the industry as the very best, these pots are a best seller. Warm baked terracotta color & smooth clay these containers can't be beaten.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain Hole

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