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Classic Concrete Garden Pottery

These Classic Garden concrete planters, urns, flowerpots, window boxes & rectangle pots are manufactured by a successful American company that focuses on producing high quality, unique and long lasting concrete planters and garden decor accessories. Each hand made by skilled artisans, many of whom have been with the company since the early years. These dedicated employees focus on adhering to the time test manufacturing process the company has developed and perfected over the past two decades. Classic Garden uses proprietary manufacturing techniques to produce concrete planters & garden decor with a uniquely smooth finish that is virtually free of surface imperfections commonly found in most other concrete products. As part of the manufacturing process. each concrete planter or garden decor item is hand finished to ensure it meets the strict quality control standards our customers expect. All products are designed and manufactured in the U.S.A
Concrete garden pottery, urns, window boxes, rectangle and oval planters, birdbaths, wall plaques and garden finials are available in matching colors. When you are looking for a coordinated & stylish landscape element, then this is the line of products for you. We can match your patio pottery with your porch planters, and add a decor element of decorative finials and a bird bath. Each piece can be colored the same or in complimentary colors, which ever you prefer. This is your time to shine and be creative when decorating your home and landscape needs. These concrete garden planters and garden decor accessories have been placed on the grounds of impressive estates, patios of beach cottages, on the balcony of city apartments and at commercial installations including private clubs and office parks. We are confident you will find a style and size of concrete pottery to compliment whatever type of project you are undertaking.

•Drain holes are standard in all planters.
•3 to 4 weeks approx for manufacturing depending on time of year.
•Classic colors are mixed into the concrete.
•Stained finishes are applied to raw concrete for a hand finished patina.
•Made in America.