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A glazed garden container means a terra cotta pot has been coated with colorful glazes and then the pot is fired in a kiln to bake on the glaze and create a garden planter that does not allow for evaporation. Glazed flowerpots and garden containers are considered durable and colorful.  This section is our Bright Glazed Planters. When a natural rustic looking terracotta garden planter or pottery won't fit the look or match the garden decor that you are searching for then a brightly colored glazed garden container is the way to go.  Black, White, Blue, Yellow, Red and more all with a high glossy glazed finish make this garden pottery and planters unique and pleasing.  These high shine glazes come in garden bowls, short square, spanish pots and other styles that look awesome with these shiny glazed colors baked on them.  Contemporary or Traditional these glazed garden planters should be the answer to all your glazed garden pottery needs.
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