Frank Lloyd Wright
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Frank Lloyd Wright
Stone Head Planters
Certainly the most famous, and perhaps the most prolific of America's architects, Frank Lloyd Wright designed over 800 structures during the course of his professional years.  Plants looked more lovely, he claimed, when presented in the context of the clean geometric shapes of a building and it's extensions.  Walkways, ponds, walled gardens, trellises and window boxes and garden pottery brought elements of nature right up to, and through the house.  His majestic flower urns made greenery a permanent part of each facade.  As with all other ornamental furnishings, he designed these urns himself as strong finishing elements to his structures..... each one specific to it's particular context.  Simple, clean often confirming as favored motif - a circle within a square.  Since 1997, our manufacturer has been the exclusive licensed manufacturer of these exquisite garden containers.  Each piece is assigned a numbered Frank Lloyd Wright signature plaque to distinguish its place in the Frank Lloyd Wright Stoneware collection.  The Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation has authorized our manufacturer to produce 10 distinctive garden vases, each in three sizes.  These products are authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, Arizona.  A portion of the sales of these products supports the conservation and education programs of the Foundation.
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