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A Clay Pot by Any Other Name

Terracotta, Black Pottery and Pottery from Around the World

Using clay pots as garden planters is a practice that has persisted throughout the centuries. Terracotta, which simply means “baked earth” in Italian, is one of the oldest pottery materials in the world. Did you know that terracotta was, in fact, the only clay product used until roughly the 14th century? Archeologists have found and catalogued terracotta pottery and sculptures that are as old as 5,000-years. Perhaps most famous of these is the legendary Terracotta Army, commissioned by the first Emperor of China Qin Shi Huang to protect and serve him in the afterlife.

Even today, terracotta pottery makes for some of the best garden pottery a person can use. This is because clay pots breathe, allowing air to circulate to the roots during the summer, as well as protect the plant from overwatering. It also protects plants from winter frost that can crack normal pottery. Luckily, terracotta is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures, so if you live in a climate with extreme or unpredictable weather, clay planters are definitely the way to go.

Clay Garden Pots from Around the World can add Beauty to Any Home

Arizona Pottery offers a multitude of colored clays, including grey and white terracotta, and even black clay imported from Vietnam. Black clay is harvested from river beds in Vietnam and fired in mud huts using age-old techniques passed down through generations. This unique clay pottery is known for its rustic texture and appearance.

Whether your intention is gardening, landscaping or even architecture, these clay flower pots are ideal for bringing a beautiful, rustic look to your home. Call us at 602-795-3616 today to learn more or visit our online store and find the perfect pottery for you!


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