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Garden planters made of clay have been around for centuries. Terracotta means ‘baked earth’ in Italian,and is one of the oldest clays used for containers. Formed by machine and fired in a kiln these pots are a favorite for green thumb gardeners. This is because clay breathes. It keeps the root system of all potted plants healthy. But because it breathes it also breaks down over time.

Arizona Pottery has terracotta clay in many shapes and sizes. Imported from Italy, China, & Mexico these planters have been best sellers for years. We also offer colored clays like Moka, Grey & White Terracotta that have all the same qualities as red terracotta but are the latest in advanced pottery
making technologies.

Black Clay is imported from Vietnam. The clay is a brown stoneware that is hard & durable. Fired in mud huts, this clay is harvested off the river beds in Vietnam and has not been altered in any way. Known for its rustic look and texture these planters work in all landscape applications. From small to large these
containers are the perfect choice.


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