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A garden planter that mirror's a human face, is both enchanting, amusing & entertaining.  Each piece of our cast stone concrete head planters is constructed of the highest quality materials, using only top grade Portland cements, a specialized aggregate and a plethora of strengthening additives. Every concrete planter produced delivers an ultra durable product which can endure in the harshest climates from freezing to arid. The coloring is added to the concrete mix so each planter is blemish resistant. Once our cast stone garden art is hand finished and cured, a top coat of invisible water repellent and protective sealant is applied. This provides the concrete planter with with even greater durability and many years of enjoyment.  Our supplier has been producing these stunning head planters for years and they ship directly to you, all across the United States.  With a choice of 4 colors you can be sure that the head planter you choose will match your home or landscape decor perfectly.
American Made - Ships Directly From Supplier - Choice of Colors - Durable & Beautiful Concrete Details
 7200-Antique-Color-Sampl 7201-Classic-Color-Sampl 7202-Oldstone-Color-Samp 7203-Sedona-Color-Sampl
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