Liberty Bell #15 Sunflower Yellow
Liberty Bell #15 Sunflower Yellow
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Liberty Bell #15 Sunflower Yellow - High Shine Yellow Glossy Glazed Flower Pot | Tapered Planter In Many Sizes | Home & Garden Pottery from Arizona Pottery | Ships Nationwide
Liberty Bell #15 Sunflower Yellow
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Shaped like a traditional flowerpot with rounded edges, this pot is unique because of its bright bold colors and high gloss finish. This design has a tapered bottom which softens the lines. Perfect for planting all types of materials, everything from houseplants, cactus, bulbs or succulents. Put in a kitchen windowsill filled with herbs and spices. Place the larger sizes on a patio where you need a touch of color or flanking a front door where they are fun to decorate seasonally. Indoor our Outdoors but please don't expose to freezing temperatures.

- Imported from Mexico
- High Fired Glaze
- Drain Hole

Size Price Width Height
5 $16.00 5.50" 4.50"
7 $23.00 7.50" 7.00"
10 $46.00 10.00" 9.00"
12 $60.00 12.50" 11.50"
15 $96.00 15.00" 13.50"
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Size Saucer
5 5
7 5
10 8
12 10
15 14
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