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Winter Garden Delights

Winter containers full of evergreens, reeds & berries
It's cold outside and everything looks barren.  Your garden containers are sitting empty and look sad.  You need a pick me up and it starts with your winter flowerpot containers.  When you look outside the window it's so much nicer to see container  brimming with color, berries, branches, evergreens & decorative lights & art.  Here are a few tips to help bring your winter garden pottery out of the winter blues slump!

 Fill containers with bright holly berries

Beautiful, colorful berries.  Jewels of the winter landscape, long lasting berries are a delight to wildlife and humans. While some shrubs produce fruit that is consumed as soon as it ripens, other plants produce persistent fruit.  It may not be the first choice of wildlife but this time of year when food is scarce they are happy to have that option

Winterberry or holly dominates winter with its showy berry display. Unlike evergreen holly winterberry sheds its leaves each autumn. Leaving a luscious red berry.  Perfect for filling in your garden planters.

How about Firethorn?  Bright orange berries adorn this plant in winter and are its best attribute.  Its leaves may turn brown in fall and winter but the berries are outstanding.

Filling your planters with evergreens and filling in with colorful twigs, dried perennials and cedar sprigs will add color, detail, decoration and wonderful scents.  Begin by filling the flowerpot with sand.  Walk thru the woods or your yard to collect items.Sink the stems into the sand and your container garden is ready for winter. NO watering is necessary.

Do you have a birdbath that you can't fill with water because it will freeze.  How about decorating it with evergreen boughs, and plastic outdoor ornaments.  Make those lonely little birdbaths come to life.

 Winter ideas for empty birdbaths
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Wonderful Winter Containers

Container gardening doesn't have to stop when the growing season is over.  Taking advantage of strong plants and seasonal cuttings keeps your pots going into spring.

Rely on plants with winter flowers and ones that feature winter berries.  It is always a good idea to include plants with interesting leaves.  Many leaves come in variegated colors which add a lot of character and depth.  Another great feature are plants & trees that emphasize intriguing bark.  Like Crape Myrtles, Oakleaf hydrangeas and Paperbark Maple.


There are plants that have unusual natural structure and grow in different shapes.  Japanese maples - Red Twigged or yellow twigged dogwoods.  During the winter cold you should realize that this is not the time to dead head all plants.  You can attract birds by leaving seed heads of perennials.


Even though you do not want to do extensive pruning during the cold winter months, you can prune evergreens into compelling shapes that add interest and fun.  As mentioned before - grasses are a easy way to invite motion in your garden or potted plants.  They look especially inviting when placed on either side of a your front door.


Lastly, don't forget to add sensory splashes through out your garden with chimes, mirrors, and pinwheels.  The is the time to showcase garden ornaments, potted plants and sculptures. 

A garden does not have to look lackluster in winter just because some of the plants go dormant.  Use these ways to keep a garden full of life in the cold season.


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Use Potted Evergreens to Combat Winters Starkness

With plants being devastated by drying winds, fluctuating temperatures, and sometimes the lack of insulating snow, gardens in the foothills and plains are often desolate scenes from November through March


Listed here are ways to overcome these forces and to even use aspects of our climate and landscape to compensate for winter bleakness.  The best way is to capture the light is with evergreen plants that have reflective leaves such as cranberry cotoneaster (Cotoneaster dammeri)  Twigs of coppiced willow and dogwood, when side lit or back lit by low sun rays, can bring luminous color to a stark winter garden.


Fortunately this time of year the air is so dry that stalks and seed heads can last for months, giving some design to the landscape and grasses and herbs add wonderful texture.
You can line pathways and flower beds with rough native stone to add color or tumbled colored glass which we offer for sale.


One of the best ways to add character to your stark winter yard is to add a bright colored statue or bench.  Sitting among the starkness it will really pop and add that extra touch that is so needed this time of year.


Prune judiciously - meaning when trimming back trees and shrubs this time of year use an eye to preventing heavy snow loads on key branches.  Make hedges narrow at the top and broad at the base for example

Schedule watering - at the end of the growing season, hold off on water and fertilizer to harden off plants and prevent new growth that will be susceptible to killing temperatures.  Water trees monthly and smaller plants twice a month.

Wrap young trees - protect young trees from sun scald by wrapping their trunks for several winters.  This helps prevent bark feeding by deer, a huge problem in many gardens.

Protect juniper branches - juniper is very popular in many garden so tie the top branches around the trunk with twine to prevent splitting and spreading from heavy spring snow.


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