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Mini Succulent Garden

Mini Succulent Garden in a Mint tin
Saw this in Sunset Magazine and had to share.  Turn a Mint tin into a tiny succulent garden.

Here's how:

A tiny succulent garden that is a doll house size.  Poke a drain hole in a mint tin with a nail, then plant bite-sizes succulents.  Crassula, Echeveria & Sedum in a small amount of soil.  They don't need much. Give as a hostess gift or place at your desk for a bit of green.

How about placing one at each place setting for a formal dinner where each guest can take one home.  Wedding Favor anyone?  Succulents are so popular now, everyone is trying to grow them in
potted gardens, fairy gardens, around the house, vertical walls and so much more.

Give this little idea a go, we know you will love it!
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mini succulent garden in a mint tin, tiny tin filled with succulents, doll house mini succulent garden.


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