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New Pot Tricks For Outdoor Planters.

Below are a few tricks to help out with planting into containers.  It's really easy and fun to do!

 +If you live where it gets cold, watch the weather for late freezes.  If the weather changes abruptly, just move your potted plants into the garage where they will be protected for the night.  It sounds like a lot of work but it's a easy thing to do to save your plants.

+ try choosing a color scheme that matches flowers already planted around your home.  It looks so much better when everything looks like it has a reason to be there.

+ make sure you choose the correct size of planters.  It's so disappointing to choose a planter off our website and then find out it's dwarfed sitting on your porch.  Get out a tape measure, use an empty cardboard box, anything that can help you see what size the planter needs to be.

+ try something different.  Don't just stick with standard terracotta flower pots.  Try pots with unusual shapes and sizes, colors and finishes.  

+  make sure you water when needed and make sure to keep the soil moist if necessary.  Most flowers have short root systems so it's not always an issue with plants that have longer root systems make sure the water penetrates

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