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A Colorful Windowbox Idea

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Windowbox garden planters are a great way to display color flowers and lush green plants.  However, they all look the same.  Here are a few suggestions for creating the planter shown above, using our Italian Roman Rectangle.
 14115This is a stunning terracotta clay Italian rectangle, that is covered in a Fluer-de-lis pattern.  Very traditional and elegant.  The clay that these pots are made out of is smooth, silky and lush.  Italian clay is known in the industry as the most wonderful clay products being produced.  Each one is baked to a golden terracotta color and is compact and hard.  This surface makes painting the clay much easier than an porous clay.  We recommend sealing the planter before you paint and after you paint, to prolong the life of the paint.
Click here to view or purchase this planter.
We love this blue acrylic paint next to the white pelargonium flowers.  The contast is stunning and bright.  Make sure the planter is clean, then seal it with out pottery sealer.  Let it dry.  Put on a couple of coats of acrylic paint and let them dry.  Reseal.  Cover the drain holes in the bottom from our "pot filler" , pebbles, pot shards (shown) to keep the soil from running out.  Next fill the planter with a good potting mix.  Add a slow release plant food and get ready to plant the flowers.
Make a small hole in the soil with your hand or a small garden trowel.  Place the pelargonium in the center of the planter.  Next take the felicia and place on each side of the pelargonium, at the back of the container.  Then take a verbena and place on each side in the front of the garden planter.   Pack down the soil but don't hard pack it.  Water well and place in a sunny position.
 14112Here are the plants we recommend to get the same look as shown in the photos above.  You will need:

1 - White Pelargonium
2 - Variegated Felicias
2 - White trailing verbenas
Note:  White pelargoniums need regular dead-heading to look their best.  Old flowerheads discolour and quickly spoil the appearance of the plant.
Plant in late spring or early summer.
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