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Planting a Potted Rock Garden

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Even though the English are really well know for having outstanding rock garden, Americans tend to like them also.  If you have plenty of space to spread out and create a detailed rock garden than you are one of the luck ones.  For the rest of us, planting one in a garden container is simple and easy to do.  Here are a few tips to consider.
What makes a rock garden look unique?  The plants are tucked between rocks of various sizes creating a minature mountain landscape.  The plants you select can take many forms.  Scotch heather, sunrose and crete dittany are a few of the more popular plants.  You can use ground hugging vines and creepers or types that can reach up to 2 feet in height.  Some leaves are bush and other flowers are dainty and tiny.
 13329What makes rock gardening in a container so successful that is by taking some of these dainty fragile plant materials and potting them in container, they are protected and less vulnerable.  They are portable and can be easily displayed on a patio or front porch area.  By choosing a wide shallow opening on a garden planter, you will have more surface area to plant a large variety of plants and accessories. 
Select a lovely wide container like the concrete wok pots show at the top 13330 of this blog entry.  Fill the container with a mix of peat moss, grave and sand.  Arrange a few chosen rocks on the soil surface and then tuck in the plant materials among them.  Lastly, top with a think gravel mulch to keep the soil cool.  Overwatering is hardly ever a problem because of the shallow depth and the water run off.  Make sure that the plants do get some water though or they will not survive.  Fertilize the pottery soil annually and place the container where it gets morning sun.
No special winter protection is necessary.  So get creative & enjoy!
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