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A few new tips for container gardening!

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We have tons of tips but here are just a few......

Give potted plants the conditions they need.  Assess the site for your contained garden as you would for an in-ground planting.  Does the area get full sun, filtered shade, or deep shade?  Choose plants accordingly.  Is the area sheltered or exposed to lots of wind?  If it's exposed, you will need to install a trellis, windbreak, or other protection before putting your pots there.

Use foliage plants lavishly.  They add structure and form to the area and are a good foil for flower displays.  They also create a point of interest in shade, especially when you use glossy leaves to catch the light, or ones with white and yellow markings.

Choose containers to match the style of your home.  These concrete bowls work really well in Arizona where you can plant with cactus that have short roots and don't need a deep pot.  On a Mediterranean terrace you can use terracotta tuscany style pots and use bright colors with glossy finishes in front of a Cape Cod that needs alittle boost of something.  Don't mix to many pots but stick to a theme.

Indoor pots can easily match your decorating style.  Shiny, matte, colorful or plain clay - there are so many options to choose from that will blend in and add character to your indoor needs.

Pay attention to watering.  Containers dry out fast - especially in hot, windy weather.  If you have many pots, make it easy by trying some of the following devices:

A.  A hose end nozzle with an off-on lever allows you to turn off the water between containers.
B.  Long handled watering wands attach to garden hoses to extend your reach.
C.  Garden coils - self retracting hoses also extend reach and take up little space.
D.  Drip irrigations delivers water to individual containers and is easy to install with timers.

Potted plants are magaicians: They can turn hardscape into landscape.  Pots filled with greenery and flowers soften the hard edges of a patio or deck.  They also create the feel of a garden where ther's no earth to plant one.  Plants in pots contribute gentle textures, graceful movement, delicious scents, and seasonal changes.  They lure butterflies, hummmingbirds, and other welcome visitors.  In short, they can add life to urban outdoor spaces.  Best of all, because container plantings are portable, you can make little changes at any time without disturbing the whole scene.

Don't these photo examples make you want to start a little garden?  It really is easy.  All you need are a few awesome containers, potting soil, and plants with a place to display them.

Get out and plant!

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