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What is your garden style?

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Choosing from tons of plant materials and containers can be confusing.  Sometimes you don't know where to begin.  Well here are a few tips that we hope will help.
 158-White-PlantersFirst try to figure out what your style of decorating is.  Are you into colorful planters with wild patterns and bold pigments?  You love to plant green in them and have the focus be the container and not the plants.  Or, do you like all white containers?  This way you can plant all the colorful flowers you like and change it up from season to season.  One season go all pink and the next season you plant all colors of the rainbow.  All of these combinations work in a white garden planter or container.
 159-Black-Clay-PlanterDo you like a traditional look where topiary trees are potted or do you go for something a bit more playful like a bright pot with grass shooting up out of it creating a wild look.  Do you like mixing plants in pots or are you prone to one plant style per container?  How about smell?  Maybe you don't like a lot of fragrance or does the smell of something sweet drifting on the air excite you?  Some prefer to group many pots together and others like a simple bold statement!
By answering these questions will help you to get started and make some decisions before you spend a ton of money on something you are not happy with.  Everyone has different tastes and not one is better than another.  Discover what moves you and go with that.  There is nothing more satistying then sitting out on your patio, drinking a glass of tea, and admiring the decorative pottery you have surrounding you.
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All Season Centerpiece Project.

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 155 All-Season-Center-Piece
This simple centerpiece is easy to make according to BHG.com  Simply wire together a 12" wire wreath form and a 12" floral craft ring.  Poke kraft paper covered wire stems through each 4" clay standard flower pot and fold over the top edge, then secure at bottom of pot by twisting.  Anchor the pots on the wire frame by twisting more floral wire around the wire frame.  Alternately angle the pots toward and away from the center of the wreath. Fill the pots with succulents and tuck in moss along the bottom of the wreath.  Cute, easy and fun to make!
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Got A MInute?

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Enjoy these time-saving gardening tips from multitasking moms?

 137-Child-In-GardenCan there possibley be such a thing as a mother with too much time on her hands?  We don't think so.  With work, play dates, sports practice, dance lessions, gymnastics and much more, time is more than precious.  So, how can a mother who is pulled in different directions still have time to plant a potted veggie garden and at the same time teach her children about growing their own food?  Here are a few tips that we hope will help.
Start out by limiting the amount of vegetables that you grow.  This is not the time to rush in with a huge variety that you won't be able to care for.  It will also eliminate extra work on clean up.  Start with good size planters and only planting one variety in it.  Tomatoes are fun, easy to grow and great for the little one to eat.  Use them in salads and tomato saucers.  A little helper can pick and prepare them.  Each year introduce a new veggie.  Let them help you decide which vegetable to grow.
Time doing things together is more precious than ever before.  Instead of you watching them in extra activities, planting a potted garden will be relaxing and something you both can enjoy while spending time together.  Gardening gets kids excited even at a young age and teaches him to be patient and gentle.  Besides what kids doesn't enjoy digging in dirt?
Lastly, try potting up some healing aloe vera.  The next time your child gets a bee sting, a scratch or a burn, take them to the potted aloe and have them snip off a piece.  Then apply it to their scratch and watch the healiing begin. They will experience instant pain relief.  Over time they will learn the value of having these types of plants around the house.  Keep the small planter next to the kitchen door or in the back yard where these types of accidents happen.
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Repairing Broken Containers!

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Well it happens to all of us.  Moving a garden planter to a new home in the garden, or backing up in the car and hitting the pots flanking the garage door.  Planters get damaged, mistakes happen, dont' worry we offer a few tips to help.
If all of the pieces of the planter that was damaged fit tightly and you use the right adhesive, these tips should help.  If none of the above are applicapable, then plan on purchasing a new pot!
 133-Broken-ContainersChoose an epoxy glue.  You mix the two compounts before you cement the pieces.  Alway read the directions for mixing.  Fit the pieces together and tie the pot so that it is securely held together.  Use a cord or rope for large pots or painters tape for smaller ones.  Just make sure that you don't use a dirty rope so that it doesn't damaged the surface of a clay planter.  Wipe off excess glue that seeps out the crack.  Use sandpaper after the glue is dry to remove any residue.
When you replant in the damaged container, try potting up a climbing vine 135-Broken-Pottery that will drape over the sides of the pot and possibly cover the crack.  If you can turn the planter around so the crack doesn't show, more the better.  If you must hide the crack because it's visible on all sides try painting the pot or staining it with exterior grade paint or stain. This will not work with glazed planters but works on other surfaces.  You will always have to seal the painted pot, inside and outside with a waterproof sealant. 
Having one of your favorite garden planters get damaged is always disappointing but there are options for trying to save it.  Give it a go and let us know of your success!
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Patio Designs for the 21st Century.

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 117 21st-Century-Designs
Modern garden designs are very geometric, abstract, full of man made materials and often low on plant materials.  They are contemporary and full of clean lines and obvious art pieces or large garden jars left empty for a naturalistic look and feel.  Many garden and patio areas today are beautiful and traditional but in the blog post lets try to stick to the modern gardens.
Many modern gardens can be rigid, cold, and abstract, where potted plants are just a design element.  You want to find a nice balance between hardscape materials and softscape plantings.  It is a perfect marriage between two extremes that make a beautiful garden area versus an area that just happens.  It shouldn't have any excess without necessarily being minimal.  You should try to find plant materials that are a variety that are carefully chosen.  Don't mush together a ton of different things, but still have some variety for interest.
Try to see your garden area as an art form.  Use interesting materials like water features, garden benches, large pots shaped like jars or urns and always have a focal point.  An area that draws your eye to where everything can be tied together and makes' sense. Whatever materials you use - whether they be steel, stone or plants have to make sense and incorporates the look and feel you want to your yard or patio area.
If you can plant for sustainability then even better.  Try to create a landscape that works with the environment.  For example if you can avoid a lawn and the water, fertilizer, cutting etc you will not only save time but money.  If you need a lawn for animals or children then make them a minimal size, and if you don't need one then don't have one.
The one thing you need to add to your garden is your personality. Any good ideas specific to the gardener that aren't copies from magazines are really more exciting.
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