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Seed saving from your garden.

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At one time or another you are going to consider that you may want to save your own seeds to plant & pot with next season.  The feeling of growing beautiful & healthy plants from seeds that you have collected from your own collection of plants.  And, watching a seed germinate, become a seedling, and then mature give you such joy & satisfication.  It's literally witnessing in the miracle of life!
After a few seasons you will find that many of the potted plants you have with self-seed, even when you would prefer they not.  The two types of seed are open pollinated and hybrids.  Hybrid seed is created by cross pollinating two varieties.  The advantages include uniformity of size and longer life. The pollinated seeds have better germination rates and resistance to pests.
 472-Egg-Shell-SeedsBy saving your own seeds you will save a ton of money.  Especially if you are growing fruits & vegetables.  Whatever you decide make sure you leave the harvesting of seeds until they are absolutely mature.  The best time to harvest is mid morning before the sun becomes hot. Collect the seeds and make sure they are completely dry.  You can hang larger seeds in panty hose and let them air dry.  The best way to store them is using paper bags.  Be sure to label the variety and when you collected them.  Store in cool dark place.
When you are ready to propagate the seeds for planting in your garden 473-Seeds-In-Trays planters try these steps.  Things to consider are moisture, warmth, air and light.  Smaller seeds can be sowed in small containers.  Shallow trays, mini clay pots, empty egg shells, and good potting mix.  Cover and water lightly or mist spray.  Keep  moist till germinate.  Water till plants become stronger and can be transplanted.  Don't give up some seeds take longer than others.  Larger seeds can be planted directly into your selected garden containers.
All in all, growing your own food in containers by saving the seed yourself is very rewarding.  It's inexpensive and healthy.  Follow the directions above and enjoy the process. Isn't that what this is all about anyway?
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De-stress your life with gardening!

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Many of us garden because we want to grow our own fruits & veggies.  An attractive landscape or curb appeal may be the goal of others.  Gardening in pottery, can also be therapeutic.  People that garden relax the mind, body and spirit.  Actually it's not the gardening that's relaxing, but the way we approach it.
 470-Lady-In-GardenFocusing on your gardening task is the key to relieving stress.  It's not the finish line you are racing towards but the process of getting there that's important.  Selecting the right planter, taking into account the size, color & shape.  Then making sure you have the correct potting soil. This is not the time or place to use dirt from the ground.  Take an afternoon and stroll thru the garden center looking for just the right plant materials.  Are you into lush deep emerald green plants & bushes. Or, are you drawn to the colorful fall plants like mums & heuchera.  Verbena has always been one of  my favorites because it fills a large plant in no time with color flowers and deep green leaves.  Oxalis and decorative cabbage & kale are perfect this time of year.
After gathering all your materials together, it's time to quiet your mind and tune out 469-Cabbage the noise.  Take a deep breathe and feel the cool air rush around you.  Take your pottery of choice and fill the bottom with river rock or pot filler.  Hand shovelfulls of deep dark & rich potting mix.  Smell the clean soil!  Remove your plants from the nursery containers and notice their root systems.  Do they need a gentle separating?  Loosen them up so they have room to grow and place them in a decorative fashion inside the pottery.  Top of the plants with more soil and a plant topper.  Use pot shards, glass beads, pine cones, silver balls.  Anything that calls out to you.
Finally, clean up, step back and admire what you have just created.  Take the time to really look peacefully and carefully.  From this day forward you get to enjoy looking at and smelling your potted containers. Invite friends onto your porch or grandkids into the garden.  Relax, and enjoy.  You deserve it!
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Vertical Gardening & More....

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What is vertical gardening?  I am sure by now you have all heard of vertical gardening and maybe wondering what that could possibly mean.  Well, it's as simple as growing plants vertical, or upside down in a planter or container, instead of growing them side by side.
You can pretty much grow anything you want in a vertical garden.  Herbs, flowers, fruits and most vegetables all work with great success.  Why would you want to try this type of planting method? Well, if you live in a small house or apartment where there isn't much space to spread out.  Maybe you have a small patio on a deck where you would like to try your hand.f

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Container Gardening for Food!

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 16027 Arizonapottery-Pottery-Post-Blog
Have you ever thought about growing your own food in garden planters?  Well don't be afraid because it's easy to do and tons of fun.  Here are a few tips to help!
 453-Carrots-In-PotsWe know, we know, everyone thinks gardening is very difficult to do and takes tons of time, but we are here to tell you that it's simply not true.  Nothing comes without a bit of effort but what you reap from growing your own food in planter pottery will far out weigh the time and effort you have to invest.  Think of it this way.  How much money do you spend at the grocery store?  Do you know where the food is coming from and what maybe in the soil that the food was grown in?  This is a major concern for fruits and vegetables grown in other countries.  Who has handled your food and what kind of pesticides were used!  All good questions!
So, we have you convenienced at this point!  Good Deal!!!  Now you are asking yourself, Why should I plant in pottery?  Good question!   Well, we are hear to tell you there are many advantages to using a container to plant into instead of planting directly into the ground.  First and foremost it's easier.  Isn't that what everyone wants to hear?  Well, in this case it's true.  Everyone young and old, fit or not so fit, handicapped or healthy can plant in containers.  If you live in an apartment or high rise, houseboat or beach house, small house or large home, everyone can plant into a garden container.
Maybe you have a home with tons of shade or a patio that only gets sun certain times of the day.  You can move your garden pottery around easily with a pot lifter or a pot caddy.  You get to pick the potting soil to make sure that what you plant will be success.  If you have a small space you want to decorate instead of a huge patio than containers are the way to go.  So, here are the basic tips.
1.  Drain holes are best for plants.  Use a saucer if you need too.
2.  Make sure the pot is large enough to handle the plants root system you will be growing.
3.  Do you want terracotta clay because it breathes and is best for plants or concrete planters for durability?
4.  Lastly, have fun and select the look, colors, finishes that best meet your needs.
Container gardening is fun, and with a few small considerations you will have a great time for a little effort and price!
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Fairy Gardens and Fun!

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Everyone loves secrets!  Wouldn't it be exciting to create a Fairy Garden that is full of tiny secrets?  Here are a few suggestions.
 451-Fiary-GardensTake a shallow garden pot, like a low bowl or a low cylinder dish and use that as the base for the Fairy Garden.  Make it as large or as small as you like.  We have even seen the top of a birdbath turned into a lovely display.  Filling the base with soil, is the easy part.  Just make sure you use a good potting soil and not garden dirt.  It's better if the container has a drain hole but not totally necessary.
Now comes the fun part.  You can place a layer of green moss around the 448-Fairy-Garden top of the soil to create a soft cushion for all the "Fairies" to lay on.  Then start adding the fun stuff.  We have seen minature doll house chairs, clay pots turned upside down for furniture.  Colorful glass marbles and decorative rocks.  Plant mini greenery and small brightly colored flowers.  Create a mystical and magical place for your fairies to come to.  The possibilities are truly endless when creating something so innocent and sweet!
Children of all ages love these types of garden/pottery projects.  Hide the container in a secret place in the yard or garden.  Place it on the patio or outside a kitchen window where you can watch for the fairies to land.  Create a playful place for kids to go to and dream about.  Be sure to take photos to preserve these types of memories.
Arizona Pottery is here to help made those magical moments happen.  Shop our website and find the perfect piece of pottery for the base of your Fairy garden!
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