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indoor care for aloe vera planters

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We all know that aloe vera plants are not only easy and fun to grow but the plant has so many uses. From skin care to burn treatment, from wonder juices to strengthening teeth. Here are a few tips to help take care of those potted indoor plants.
The biggest concern you should have when potting aloe vera plants is the watering schedule.  Since the plant itself looks so plump and juicy you think that you need to keep them watered, almost to a fault. The fact of the matter is they need very little water. Since they are succulents they already contain 99% water.  All you need to do is water the potted plant every 4 to 5 days.  Don't drown these lovelies. Just make sure that you water from above.  The potted plants roots grow sideways first, rather than down. Water from the top soil and use a pot tray to catch any run off.
Always use a pot with a drain hole. Terracotta is great because the clay breathes and keeps the roots healthy and happy.  You don't need a deep pot but a wider pot is better.  These potted plants will sprout new shoots quickly.  Keep them trimmed.
Basically at this point just keep your eyes on this lovely potted plant.  If it looks like it is experiencing distress, re-evaluate the situation and take the necessary steps and your plant will reward you with tons of beauty & health.
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small space container gardening

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Potting up a flower garden in a planters can bring a lot of happiness to anyone who is limited by space. All you need is a bit of creativity, a wonderful and properly sized pot, great plants, and good potting soil.  Here are a few easy tips.
Many people today are downsizing their homes. This doesn't mean you have to give up growing flowers.  Working on a balcony or a windowsill, a rooftop garden or a small back porch, can be fun and just as rewarding as a large garden area.  Start by finding out how much weight you balcony can handle.  When it comes to selecting your planter the bigger the better but no if the weight is going to cause issues.  This is not the place for concrete planters.  Go with clay or glazed or even the lightweight poly resin that is so popular right now.  Just find something that you will love to work with that will provide the right depth for the root systems on the plants you choose to pot.
Select colors and fragrance of plants that you love.  Make sure the pot has enough depth and there is enough soil to support the roots.  Try using a combo of planters in different sizes.  Pick flowers that don't take over the whole soil area and that are willing to share with others flowers.  Pot so that the flowers can be seen from all sides or place the planter under a window that opens so the fragrance will come indoors.
If you have space and can support the weight this is a great time to pot up dwarf fruit trees.  All you will generally need is a 10 gallon container.  Make sure the tree gets the sunlight that may be needed.  If you have room use a dolly under the pot so that you can move it around on the balcony.  This is the time to experiment to find out what works best in the space you have.
Experiment, have fun and don't give up.  Just because you are living in a smaller space doesn't mean you can't grow wonderful things in a lovely pot!
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vegetable in containers - easy!

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Growing vegetables in garden containers is an easy way to experience the flavor and freshness of home grown veggies and, best of all most vegetables do well in planters & pottery!
Not sure what type of planter to grow your vegetables in?  Well the most healthy type of terracotta clay.  It breathes and root systems love the health benefits.  Glaze of high fired pot or planters are very good because they won't absorb the water and will keep the soil moist for prolonged periods of time. Remember when choosing the best container, that dark colors absorb heat.  Avoid black clay or black glossy planters.  Also make sure you don't use any Mexican pottery that has been lined with tar, as they may contain toxins or chemical compounds.
When selecting soil try to use a basic potting mix. Most nursery and landscape centers have soil specially for vegetable growth.  They container the fertilizer that you need.  Fill the container to an inch or two from the rim.  Of course you can always blend your own soil mix which save money.
When ti comes to the vegetables you will choose to pot here are a few tips.  Plant the planters at the same time as you would if you were planting in your garden.  Soak the potting mix, spread the seeds or pot the transplants.  Water gently.  Keep the containers where they will get full sun for at least 5 hours a day.
A few favorite and easy vegetables to grow in pots are:
Green Beans
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why poppies?

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Here are a few good reason to start growing poppies in potted containers around your home and garden areas.  These are such lovely and wonderful growing flowers but we hope we can add a few more tips to your already growing list of reasons to start potting them now!
They are bursting with bright bold colors. Even if they have floppy petals they are stunning to look at. How about the fact that they will continue to bloom with color long after most spring flowers have faded.  When mixed among evergreens they will provide that splash of color that just may be needed to finish the potted look you may be going for.  After they open you see their little black faces poking out and smiling at your.  Then you know that summer has finally arrived.
As they fade their colors become bolder and their colors are intense pinks, reds, oranges.  They are easy to pot and easy to grow in planters.  They need a bit of attention but what they give in return is well worth it.  Just sprinkle their seeds along the surface of the soil in the pots.  You can separate them out after they start to grow.  Select an area with sun or partial shade to place the planters.  Use good potting soil.  Water as necessary and fertilize if needed.
They are a favorite of photographers because of their stunning beauty.  Sweet, bursting with colors and easy to grow in planters - give poppies a try.

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pet proof your potted garden

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Pet's and the outdoors. There is nothing more fun!  However, if your pet spends a lot of time outside you may want to consider these few tips to help keep them safe and your potted plants healthy.
1.  Make your own potted plant fertilizer.  If it is not safe for animals it can burn their paws when they try to dig.  Make your own from kitchen scraps like egg shells, coffee grounds, citrus peels.  Look it up online and see many recipes.
2.  Try natural pest control.  I use lemon juice in a spray bottle on my potted flower and it keeps the bugs away and isn't harmful to my dog.  You can use essential oil, or dish soap to make other formulas.
3.  Keep and standing water covered.  Mosquitoes tend to lay eggs in water and your pet may think the drainage saucer under your potted flowers is for them.  Either dump it out, let them dry out or put a net over the water so your animals won't be tempted.
4.  Make sure your plants and flowers are pet safe. Talk to your local garden center or nursery to make sure that what you pot not only looks lovely but is safe.  You can go online to get a complete list.
5.  Lastly you don't want any broken pots with sharp edges, wooden window boxes with splinters or anything that car hurt a pet who just wants a sniff.  Check your planters at the start of each season.
So, when potting your patio or backyard this year, keep these safety tips in mind.  This way the garden is enjoyable for everyone in the family!
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