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Why do you need pot feet, pot risers or pottery toes & pot pads?  Every garden container needs pot feet, pot toes, pot risers or pot pads.  If you have never heard of them before we want to tell you that all pot feet in this section serve 2 purposes.  First off, they prevent your garden planters from staining the surface beneath them. Most importantly, pottery feet, pot toes, or pot risers allow for air flow under the container which allows the soil to dry out completely between watering.  Without pot feet, pot risers or pot toes there isn't space under for the water to drain out faster.  The air flow that is created from pot feet is also very healthy for the roots of the potted plants.  Any time you provide better air flower around and underneath your garden pottery & planters, the roots of plant materials benefit.  Better air, better plant growth and more beautiful pottery flowers, succulents & green plants.  We sell decorative pot feet like birds, frogs & cats. Pot toes, Pottery Risers & Pot Pads come in sets, perfect for all your garden pottery & planters.  Want terracotta pot feet - we have two great styles.
The best garden pottery accessory is pot feet, pottery risers, pot toes, & pot pads.  


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