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Arizona Pottery searched the world to find the most unique and high quality garden pottery for home and commercial use. We have brought them all together in this one stop shop where you can find pottery & planters made of clay imported from Mexico, China, Italy or Vietnam. Beautiful glazed flowerpots that are high fired, colorful and durable. Hand Painted Talavera pottery from Mexico manufactured using unique colors & designs. We offer American made concrete and stone planters that come in custom styles and sizes. Where you get to select the color, finishes and whether you want a drain hole or not. Looking for lightweight garden pottery that is easy to move, we have a wonderful line of Poly Resin planters where you choose from 32 color choices and many sizes all made in America. Our terracotta clay animal shaped garden planters make wonderful gifts or that added touch of whimsy when it comes to decorating your home or patio areas. When looking for the right garden container or flowerpot to meet your landscape needs, look no further than this pottery section.


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