Concrete Tucson Pot
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Concrete Tucson Pot
Concrete Tucson Pot
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Made of a concrete mix that includes volcanic rock harvested from Sedona, Arizona, these garden planters are the finest concrete planters being produced today.  The color is added to the mix when they are formed, therefore if a chip should occur it will be hardly noticeable.  Durable, unique and stunning are all words that describe these pots.  You will get a choice of 16 colors, 2 finishes and with our without drain holes.  Each piece is custom made per your specifications so allow approximately 10 days to manufacture.  Generous enough in size to hold a huge display of flowers, a lush green plant or tree.  You will love these planters!
Size Price Width Height Saucer Price Ships
TS2119 $152.00* 21.00" 19.00" SA18 $70.00*  13421
TS2724 $207.00* 27.00" 24.00" SA23 $93.00*  13421
TS3330 $408.00* 33.00" 30.00" SA28 $113.00*  13421
 *10% more for sandblasted finish.
Concrete Garden Planters

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