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Italian Deep Bowl

Product ID# TD114
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From the rim around the top to the very bottom of this Italian imported terracotta clay deep bowl, it is covered in rings.  The wide rim at the top of this planter is lovely and it is supported by a flat flared pedestal base for stability.  Deeper than most bowls this clay pot can be used for a wide assortment of plant materials.  Terracotta pottery has been used by artisans for centuries and this is truly a classic design.  This real terracotta planter has a warm sun-baked terracotta color.  Lovely!

Saucers available in Pot Accessories.
Pot Size Price Width Height Ships Match
cm17 $6.00 6.75" 4.00"  13420 cm15
cm19 $8.00 7.00" 4.30"  13420 cm19
cm23 $9.00 9.00" 4.75"  13420 cm23
cm27 $14.00 10.50" 4.50"  13420 cm27
cm32 $21.00 12.00" 5.00"  13420 cm31
cm37 $24.00 14.50" 6.75"  13420 cm36
cm42 $45.00 17.00" 7.00"  13420 cm41

Italian Deep Bowl
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