Italian Terracotta Deep Bowl
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Italian Terracotta Deep Bowl - Garden Bowl Shaped Flowerpots | Made in Italy | Planters & Containers
Italian Terracotta Deep Bowl
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One of our best selling garden bowls, these terracotta clay pots come in a large variety of sizes. Each one is made of sun baked Italian clay that is smooth and lovely. The bowls are deep enough to hold a colorful display of flowers, lots of herbs or an evergreen bush. The wide opening at the top is surrounded by a flat large rim and the sides have rings for decoration. A tapered body ends on a small pedestal base. Every gardener needs one of these garden bowls in their pottery collection.

- Imported from Italy
- Real Terracotta Clay
- Drain Hole
Size Price Width Height
cm17 $6.00 6.75" 4.00"
cm19 $8.00 7.00" 4.30"
cm23 $9.00 9.00" 4.75"
cm27 $14.00 10.50" 4.50"
cm32 $21.00 12.00" 5.00"
cm37 $24.00 14.50" 6.75"
cm42 $45.00 17.00" 7.00"
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