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Cement pot is the latest in landscape design and backyard pottery needs. Our concrete and cement pottery is made in Arizona and shipped directly to us. Get your self a cement flower pot, or wholesale cement pottery today at discount prices.

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Arizona Pottery carries concrete or cement pottery that comes in 16 different shades and 2 finishes. Used extensively in landscaping design a cement pot will hold a lot of planting material. Most customers do not have access to the variety of cement pottery and color selection that our product comes in.

If your concerned with the weight of the cement pot, we will give you a free freight quote when you call 800-420-1808. Then you can see how inexpensive it is to ship a concrete or cement item to any location in the United States.

We offer a commercial program for our customers. We encourage our customers to take wholesale cement pottery orders on a special order status. That way you don't need to inventory the pots, and we'll even ship it directly to you.

Don't wait, start buying concrete or cement pottery today. Our cement pot, cement flower pot and wholesale cement pottery wont last long.

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Cement Pottery

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