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Tall Pot

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This is a very simple design for garden pottery but that is what makes it so popular.  Handmade in Vietnam, each piece is unique and one of a kind.  The clay is harvested off the river bottoms and looks black but is actually a Hershey brown with an egg shell finish.  The clay is then formed and fired in a huge kiln till it is very hard.  Made in the ancient traditions of pottery manufacturing, it is considered one of the hardest clay pots available.  The color will vary slightly from pot to pot depending on where they are fired in the kiln but most match almost perfectly.  These planters are large, can hold a small tree or green plant and a ton of colorful flowers.  Get your tape measure out on these planters because the sizes will surprise you!  Each pot should be lined or sealed prior to using.
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Tall Pot
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