Ollas Watering System
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Ollas Watering System - Handmade Olla Watering Pots: Dripping Irrigation Systems
Ollas Watering System
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The use of buried earthen jars (ollas) for watering plants is an ancient native American technique with a long history of use in the Southwest.  Many years ago Spanish settlers brought with them this ancient art and now with our future tied to the availability of water, we recognize the immediate need.

With strict water regulations on water usage these olla jars will slow down the depletion of our limited water sources by placing the water where the plants need it the most - at the plants roots.

By directly irrigating the roots you will virtually eliminate water loss through evaporation. Since roots grown in search of water sources, they usually form a dense, fibrous mat around the ollas for a very efficient water delivery system.

These porous, hand-made un-glazed ollas pots are buried neck deep in the soil near the plants.  Simply fill with water & it gently seeps into the soil to be absorbed.  

All dimensions are approx & provided by the manufacturer.
Olla's are handmade so each one will be different.

Item # Water Size & Style Price
B1 3/4 quart round 5" wide x 7" high $19.00
B2 3/4 quart tall 4" wide x 7" high $19.00
W1 1 1/2 quart round - 6" wide x 9" high $30.00
W2 1 1/2 quart tall - 4" wide x 11" high $30.00
Y1 1/2 gallon round - 7" wide x 8" high $36.00
BK 1 gallon round - 9" wide x 10" high $43.00
DBK1 1 1/2 gallon round - 9.5" wide x 12"high $48.00
*special order item and not returnable.

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